Laser Scanning - Accurate 3D measurements to speed up the design process

Capture the Space Around You

What is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning measures and captures the space around you with accurate 3D data.
Mainly used in architecture, construction and engineering.

Millions of laser measurements are taken from objects and surfaces surrounding you.
These are combined into a file a called a point cloud.

The point cloud is used in CAD and BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to create detailed 3D models, floorplans, elevations and section drawings.
All the information you need to design can be extracted from the scan.

Capture All the Detail

With accurate data you will speed up the design process.
No need to revisit the site to take more measurements.
Buildings are rarely as square as you think, especially older properties which have changed over time.
Capturing the building with a laser scanner gives you the ability to see all these discrepancies enabling you to plan ahead.

360 high quality panoramic photos are combined with the point cloud to give you an all-round view.
This is extremely useful for when you return to the office and wish to know how a particular part of the building looks from different angles.

Laser Scanning Benefits

Accurate Data

Collect accurate data from a building and site to use in CAD/BIM software.
Data is accurate to within 6mm at 10m and 8mm at 20m.

Quick Solution

Complex building shapes can be captured quickly and efficiently saving you valuable time on site and more time starting the project.

Share Data

Streamline the design process by sharing data quickly across all clients and agencies. Data is accessible by all leading design software.

Cost Effective

Saving time on site reduces the surveying costs. Scanspace 360 provide competitive pricing and efficient turnaround for clients.

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