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All in One 3D Scannning and Reality Capture

Streamline Documentation

Share information with colleagues and clients. Get their feedback every step of the way.

Collaborate with Ease

With a few quick scans, Scanspace 360 gives you everything you need to document key stages in a project.
3D photography and data, keep track and immediately assess project status even when your client can't get to site.

Tours can be photographed quickly allowing you to have the tour available within 24 hours.

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A 5000 square feet building takes about 2 hours to scan. The virtual Tour is ready to view in 24 hours.

Cost Effective

More cost effective than Laser Scanning. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your project.

Share Easily

Share easily with colleagues and clients. Get their feedback even when they can't get to site.

Full Documentation

Save time and money by having a full visual record of every stage during a project enabling you to make decisions quickly.

Additional Files

Point clouds, 4K photos, floor and reflected ceiling plans and 3D mesh files are available from a single site scan.

Information Points

Add information tags that can be viewed as you tour around the building. Include comments, links, images and video.

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Additional Files for your Project - All form a Single Site Scan

Point Cloud

Each scan model has a colourized point cloud generated with it. Bring directly into your CAD program and speed up the design process.

Floor / Ceiling Plans

Full colour floor and ceiling plans are also generated from the scan. Great for an overall view of your project. Schematic floor plans are available as well.

OBJ File

A textured mesh file is available to bring directly into your 3D software enabling you to get started on your project quickly.


#1 Rated Virtual Tour Platform

Use the highest rated virtual tour solution and loved by all of our clients.
Share the 3D tour easily and view through a web browser on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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