Aerial Photography & Video - Amazing detail from the Sky

Amazing Detail from the Sky

Unique Views

So much more can be seen from the sky.
It's amazing how much detail can be captured from the air.
Scanspace 360 can provide high resolution images and 4K video offering unique views of a site or building.
It is excellent for photographing difficult to reach places.

Market, Promote and Educate

We fully understand the risks and limitations when flying a drone in congested areas.
We can advise you on the rules and restrictions when taking aerial images and video for commercial purposes.
We will discuss the project requirements and conduct a full risk assessment to see if the job is feasible.
We have a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) from the CAA to conduct drone flights.

Project Requirements - Increase Awareness

We can provide aerial photography for a wide range of uses.
Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Aerial Photography and Video Uses

Marketing / Promotion

Capture high quality images and video of places and building. Content can be used for marketing purposes to create interest and raise your profile.

Surveying / Inspections

Inspection of buildings, sites, forestry, rivers, farmland, solar panels, roofs and other difficult to reach places.
High resolution images can be easily viewed form the ground.

Architecture / Construction

If you need a different view of a site or building, aerial images and video can provide an amazing perspective to help your clients understand what you are offering.
Aerial photographs and video can be used for marketing, for surveying and inspecting land and structures which would otherwise be difficult to access.

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